Amanda Bisson, LMP  - Owner
WA state license #: MA00023855
Licensed Massage Therapist, Medium to Deep Pressure

"I grew up here in Longview, and several years ago, I was in a pretty severe motor vehicle accident, and after several visits to my general practitioner, and receiving no real relief, just prescriptions for toxic narcotics and mind-numbing muscle relaxers, I decided to try massage therapy. After my first visit, I felt truely cared for, and felt true relief. I knew then, that  was the type of care I wanted to extend to others, and the type of legacy I wanted to leave. I had finished all my pre-requisit courses, and was already 1.5 years into the LPN program when I decided to make the life changing decision to switch from western to eastern medicine, and go to college to become a massage therapist. That decision has turned out to be one of the more rewarding and amazing choices I have made. 

I absolutely love what I do. I enjoy watching my patients progress toward a healthier, pain free life as much as they do! I love that I can turn frowns upside down any day of the week, and truly enrich the lives of my patients. My patients are family to me. 

My massage treatments range anywhere from a light massage to increase relaxation and promote lymph flow, to a very deep, heavy massage focusing on problem areas, breaking up scar tissue and adhesions, and retraining muscle tissue to be relaxed. Depending on what you come in asking for, you will get something in the middle of those two extremes. 

Wellness Bodywork is such a peaceful place for me to go everyday. Just treating my patients provides me with not only the satisfaction of helping another person, but I am stress-free, full of energy, and always at peace. I welcome you all with a warm heart, and thank you for the pleasure of serving you. I encourage you to try all of the therapists at Wellness also, as we all provide a different approach, and have different specialties."

Sarah Perry, LMP

Licensed Massage Therapist
Light to Deep Pressure

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Chalyce Kelley - Lashes That VibeRight 

Certified Lash Technician

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